Conversation Piece – Exposition in Four Movements

Book contains full length CD with music from Basement Deep

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ConversationPiece is a poetic relationship of spoken word poetry and short muses from John “Gold E” Early. The book, containing 30 original works, takes you on a journey through which the thoughts of an artist are peeled, examined, and experienced. Rules are broken, tears are shed, lessons are taught, and stereotypes destroyed… The pages of this avant-garde work are themselves poetic, rhythmical, sensual, and bold. The CD is neo-soul, smooth jazz smooth vibes, riding music. With Production from Basement Deep.

There are four “movements” the term movements is shamelessly taken from the Donny Hathaway song “Voices Inside.” As you move through the different sections. Perspective, Evolution, Seduction, and Truth, You are taken on a roller coaster that loops and drops and curves and brings you back to the start wanting to go again. Growing up in the 70’s with a chance to, listen to and be influenced by some of the creative greats in music and culture. Some that had messages that were not necessarily overt, Prince, George Clinton, Nikki Giovanni, The Last Poets, Gil Scot Herron, Mechell Ndegeocello, Langston Hughes. As you read through and listen to ConversationPiece remember the point is not always pointed. Listen 25 is a new and different experience than listen 1


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